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An open letter to ALL of those who use the R-word

25 Oct

Ann Coulter’s “retard” remarks to President Obama on Twitter are the product of mere IGNORANCE. Even more sadly is the fact that it is a misconception that unfortunately a big fraction of the population holds. As much as this country does to integrate and mainstream people with disabilities, mere physical inclusion is NOT enough.  Bullying children with disabilities at schools is at his all-time highest and  my former students can speak to that. Public perceptions MUST change, but it won’t happen unless people  gets educated about disabilities or have gained enough perspective through family members or friends with disabilities to know that having a disability is NOT a determinant of stupidity and dumbness.  To degrade and belittle someone because they learn different than most, because it takes them a little more time to process information or because they look different is disgraceful. People are NOT their disability, they are people just like you and me, but then again many many people can’t see further than a diagnosis.

The moment people understand the meaning of having a disability, it will be the moment they are going to open their hearts and minds and gain ample understanding of things such as respect, humanity and kindness.

Sadly, topics like this go unnoticed in the media. Clearly, in this time and era people are more interested on their Facebook lives or on TV reality show more than anything else. Apathy is an ill-state that has taken over our society.

John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete and global messenger,  wrote a response letter to Ann Coulter. His inspiring letter was brilliantly and thoughtfully written. If you read John’s letter and touched you I am going to ask you to please share his letter with family and friends.  A piece of truth and art like this must be seen by everyone.