Job Search Resources

This page is a quick go-to list of great websites and organizations for the recent M.A. Graduate to endlessly pursue, refresh, and bookmark. Keep an eye on the list as it grows in the coming weeks…

International Opportunities:

  1. Relief Web:
  2. INEE Jobs List:
  3. UN Jobs:
  4. International Rescue Committee:
  5. Save the Children International:
  6. UNICEF Temp Positions:
  7. FHI 360:
  8. Amnesty International:
  9. Handicap International:
  10. Oxfam:
  11. Acted:
  12. Madre:–internships-163.html
  13. Catholic Relief Services:
  14. Plan Internaitonal:
  15. CARE:
  16. Child Fund International:
  17. Global Partnership for Education:

Domestic Opportunities:

  1. Idealist:
  2. Institute of International Education (IIE):
  3. Save the Children US:
  4. Human Rights Watch:
  5. Brookings Institute:
  6. Institute of Peace:
  7. AIR:
  8. Inter-America Development Bank:,1165.html
  9. Concern International:
  10. Catholic Relief Services:
  11. Child Fund International:

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