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More online courses…you know you want them

28 Jan

Quick post for those interested in getting their MOOC on.

Echoing sentiments blogged about here on HREC over the past few months, another great post over on recently rounded up some great massive open online courses (MOOCs) that may be of interest to development workers or students looking to supplement their equally massive existing course loads. As WhyDev blogger Meghan Hussey notes:

Whether you are driven by intellectual curiosity to learn more about the history of the country you are working, or by a practical desire to up your proficiency in a technical skill, MOOCs are a low-cost option for personal and professional development.

Topics include:

-General Development/Social Change
-Global Health

Don’t pretend you’re not exited.


Liberia students all fail university admission exam

26 Aug

Liberia students all fail university admission exam

I don’t have any substantive commentary to add to this headline: it is so bizarre as to be worth a repost, and it allows me to actually mention education (for once), but beyond that, I really have no idea what to make of this. Usually I’d associate absolute numbers like this with the sort of brazenly doctored statistics of authoritarianism – zero crime, perfect literacy, entire electorates, etc. – but I can’t see why anyone would contrive this. If anything, this seems a moment ripe for a little less transparency: surely someone could have bribed or flattered their way to a passing grade?


Shameless self-promotion: The press arrives at Nauru

18 Jul

Shameless self-promotion: ‘The press arrives at Nauru’

Publication is the last desperate refuge of the underemployed.

There are the beginnings of a decent little debate in the comments section. Would love to hear from more people, either in the comments section of the article, or here.


Shameless self-promotion: ‘History is repeating itself at Guantánamo Bay’

3 Jul

Shameless self-promotion: ‘History is repeating itself at Guantánamo Bay’

This is even more shameless than the last piece of self-promotion. I scribbled out the first draft of this piece. The final version is a vastly improved thing thanks to co-contributor and real writer Garry Pierre-Pierre. Reading his revised draft was a sharp reminder of just how much power and feeling can be packed into very few words.


Shameless self-promotion: ‘Indefinite Detention shouldn’t be Definitive’

23 May

Shameless self-promotion: ‘Indefinite Detention Shouldn’t be Definitive’

I done wrote something. Then someone done published it.

It was Australia’s treatment of refugees that first got me interested in/concerned about Guantánamo. Now it’s going back the other way: the more I learn about Guantánamo, the more I’m concerned that Australia is borrowing its methods.