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Global Citizen?

2 May

Last year, Phil and I attended the Global Citizens Festival in Central Park. All he had to do was re-post a few videos about polio, global poverty, gender injustice and those “8 points” got him two entries in the draw for free tickets. Low and behold, we got em!

[Flash forward to concert]

It was nearing the end of the concert, and I was desperately waiting in line to use one of the foul Porta Potties that had run out of toilet paper an hour into the concert. Right before Neil Young’s performance, and directly after the Foo Fighters had left the stage, a final round of pledges, videos included, were being cycled across the giant screen. The girl standing behind me sighed in agitation: “This is not what I came here for; where the hell is Neil Young?”

Was I really there to be a global citizen? Was my attendance in some way fighting to eradicate polio, alleviate poverty, or advance women’s position in developing countries? I did buy at least 1 beer.

It’s that time of year again to try to win free concert tickets by posting videos, tweeting injustice, and sharing responsibility.

I still hesitate to post this.