What the heck is HREC?

“The Human Rights and Education Collaborative” or “The Artist Formerly Known as “The League””

HREC is a blog started in 2012 by a coalition of concerned graduate students in New York. Originally parading under the name “The League of Discerning Do-gooders,” HREC serves as the online platform for its live monthly sister group, the Human Rights and Education Colloquium.

While the colloquium remains a focused (albeit relaxed) forum for presenting our most recent research and gaining invaluable feedback, the Collaborative is a collection of real-life stories, personal reflections, informed opinions and debatable critiques situated within the burgeoning world of international development and humanitarian aid. This blog shares diverse perspectives formed by our own experiences as young professionals as we enter the inconsistent, unapologetic, and often absurd world of the global “do-gooders.”

All thoughts, opinions, rants and pearls of wisdom (basically everything on this site) are unequivocally our own, and don’t represent the position of any organizations or institutions with which we may be affiliated.

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