Boy Scouts of America…now for every boy

27 May

Friday marked a major shift in the Boy Scouts of America’s policy towards gay scouts – a majority of Scout leadership voted to allow membership for gay scouts in the US. While I could echo the sentiment of nearly every publication about the vote and follow my normal pattern of chastising the organization for failing to allow gay scout leaders, who serve as role models for the Scouts and whose exclusion only exacerbates the taboo against gays within the organization, OR chastising various church groups from pulling funding from the Scouts based on this ruling, OR chastising a slew of Scout parents who now refuse to allow their children into the organization for fear of exposing their sons to homosexuals….I’m not going to.

What I am going to say is that I am extremely proud of the members of the Boy Scouts of America who have stood behind this cause and who have brought it this far. This is a time to rejoice over progress, a time to look proudly towards the future, and a time to step back and appreciate how far this country has come in just the past few years to provide an equal and undiscriminated footing for the LGBT community. To those who made this advancement and social progress in the Scouts possible, I salute you (with three fingers, of course).


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