Picks of the Week: From Boston to Capitol Hill to the U.N. to Kabul with LOVE.

19 Apr

Debora Spar wrote something on her Newsweek article “Throw Out that List” that stood out to me and I would like to share with you in light of this week’s terrible events:  “There are millions of women and men who live lives of consequence every day.  They are not famous, most of them. They are not perfect. They do not do, or have, it all. But they are building lives that matter, honing skills and nurturing talents that touch the lives of others. Which is in the end, perhaps, the best we all can do”

Bombs, Instincts and Morals: Why Heroes Risk It All for Strangers– “Morality is a team sport. It’s far better to be part of that team than to be apart from it”

Whistler blower policy failure at the UN. – “It is the world’s most important organization, yet remains one of the most dysfunctional. A former United Nations employee described a pervasive culture of impunity inside the organization – one in which whistle-blowers are punished for exposing wrongdoing.”

Nancy Hatch Dupree’s Affair with Afghanistan– Great story about her passionate affair in 1960s Kabul with a handsome, Harvard-educated, ex-paratrooper and archaeologist  of her expulsion from Afghanistan at the communist takeover and her husband’s arrest and interrogation as a CIA spy; of her meetings with bin Laden, and her trips as a solo American woman into Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

Boston Attacks Stand As Reminder Of Violence Worldwide– “Attacks like this usually happen in far-off, troubled places – not in the middle of a major American city.”

Gabrielle Giffords open-ed on gun control legislature failure. – “Speaking is physically difficult for me. But my feelings are clear: I’m furious. These senators made their decision based on political fear and on cold calculations about the money…”

To Boston from Kabul with LOVE – Photo-blog. “All those people had hopes and dreams for their futures. Their parents had hopes and dreams for their futures. It doesn’t matter that we experience this more often here. No one should experience any of it ever”

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