New name, new look, same do-gooders

7 Apr

Last summer a bunch of us grad students got together on a tiny Manhattan patio behind a bar slinging cheap cans of beer. Amidst the usual grizzles and grumbles of student life, we decided to start two initiatives.

One was the League of Discerning Do-Gooders (the name came later), a blog that would allow us to keep in touch, develop ideas, and keep a general online presence, which seemed a useful thing to have given that we were all about to be heaved onto the job market. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the League. If so, thanks for reading, subscribing and commenting, and do not be alarmed! The League is not going anywhere.

The other initiative was the Human Rights and Education Colloquium, a monthly meeting at NYU where grad students could share and discuss their research into anything vaguely related to the themes of the Colloquium.

The League and the Colloquium were always closely connected. All of the contributors to the League have also presented at the Colloquium. Until now, however, there has never been any official connection between the two initiatives.

With most of us now having departed NYU, and a good few of having departed – or about to depart – NYC, we wanted a way to maintain the collaborative spirit of the Colloquium. So we’ve decided to merge League and Colloquium into a single online entity.

Presenting… the Human Rights and Education Collaborative. All of the contributors, posts and topics you knew and loved from the League of Discerning Do-Gooders, and hopefully a bunch of fresh content and energy from the Human Rights and Education Colloquium.

We’ve redesigned the blog, we’ve given it a new name and new web address (be sure to save this new one: The mission and scope of the blog has also changed a bit – there’ll be more about that to come.

We hope these changes will allow us to build a stronger presence on this site. Stay tuned for more of the discerning do-gooder stuff, as well as some new ideas, and hopefully some new faces (or whatever the text and pixel equivalent of a face is).

And as always, please join our discussion. Leave a comment, introduce yourself, subscribe to email updates. Get collaborative.


One Response to “New name, new look, same do-gooders”

  1. Devin April 7, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    Hopefully some new emoticons?

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