Devin’s Picks of the Week

6 Apr

1) $5 million reward offered for information on Joseph Kony – I can’t help but wonder if a simple cash reward will have more of a positive impact on the hunt for Kony than Invisible Children’s entire KONY2012 campaign…

2) UN passes historic arms trade treaty – A step towards world peace, or a convenient way for more powerful states to exert their influence on insurgencies and civil wars without having to directly intervene?

3) INEE Director on the Dakar Post-2015 Agenda – Director of the Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergencies Lori Heninger always has a knack for tugging at heartstrings while focusing on salient points in the ebb and flow of the field of education in conflict and emergencies. Is the Education Cannot Wait initiative coming out of Ban-Ki Moon’s Education First campaign enough to fill the current gaps???

4) 10 dangerous journeys to school around the world – some very telling photos of some of the treks to school taken daily by children all over the world

5) A personal account of LGBT rights in The Gambia and Uganda – a great blog post on the challenges faced by many members of the LGBT community working and teaching in many African countries.


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