Welcome to The League

15 Sep

Unbeknownst to some of us, there seems to be a marked disconnect between the world of graduate academia, filled with those sleepless nights in the library pouring over an ostensibly endless ocean of theoretical frameworks derived from an alternative reading of Foucault that you never knew you could really apply to anything, where the only thing keeping your eyes from popping from their sockets is a bottomless supply of Starbucks coffee and the hope that someone in your cohort will soon email you something on YouTube that you just have to stop studying to watch right that second…and the professional world, the world of the Do-Gooder, where you try to think back to all those sleepless nights to figure out how you are supposed to apply that knowledge in a real-world context where the betterment (or even survival) of complete strangers is placed squarely in your hands.

It is to that disconnect, and all of our past, present and future endeavors to reconcile what we have learned with what we have seen, will see, and never imagined we could have our eyes opened to, that we dedicate the subsequent posts of our contribution to the global blogosphere. Each and every one of us are, to some capacity, educators. We study the broadly delineated field of International Education here in the heart of New York City, exploring with an unrelenting fervor (barring YouTube distractions) issues of human rights, international development, cross-cultural understanding, global education and citizenship, humanitarian relief, peace education, education in emergencies, cultural norm formation, ethnic identity, education for equality across gaps in gender, race, ability and class, and a burgeoning catalogue of personal and professional interests that we ourselves have a difficult time keeping straight.

We bring to our studies experience from six continents, dipping our toes in every field one could think of. We differ in our interests, in our beliefs, in our opinions and in our ambitions moving forward. Yet we all find common ground in our passion for what is right in the world, in our unquenchable thirst for using our minds and our hands to shape and mold the status quo to afford equal rights and equal opportunity for every member of the community we call humankind, and in our dedication for leaving the world in better shape than the way we found it. We are the next operational generation of professional Do-Gooders, relishing the ongoing struggle to make sense of it all.

The League invites you to follow along for our reflections on the transition from our graduate studies into the professional world, including musings on our previous experience in the field, future career explorations, current internships and research, commentary on current affairs, and the various issues of human rights and international education that float in and out of discussion between our cohort here in the city. Your contributions and comments are welcome to facilitate the discussion, provide insights into your own experience, and challenge us to reflect on our own understanding of the world. Welcome to The League.


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